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Hi, readers!

I’m very excited to announce my newest novella is now available: TEXAS BURN. This book is dedicated to the many women who have survived abusive relationships. There is light beyond the darkness. Here is a brief description.

It’s the last beating Emma Jacobs would take. While her abusive husband, Jared, is at work, she hides the bruises and makes her escape with little money and fewer clothes. Texas is her destination, and there, she’ll start a new life far from the monster. Hired as a cook on a five-thousand-acre ranch, Emma never looks back.

Her new boss, Levi Dodge, is the quintessential cowboy. Good looking, muscled and rugged. With a decent wage plus room and board, she begins to love her job. The biggest benefit is Levi. The chemistry between them measures off the charts. Soon, that chemistry turns into a passion neither can control. But her past won’t let her go.

When she gets the news that Jared has found her, she is faced with the hardest decision of her life. Leave the man she loves, or stay and fight.

Explicit sex. For mature readers, 18 years and older.

If you wish to purchase it the links below are provided. Note: a free book offer is included.



Texas heat-shelter-cover.png

Hey, fans! Here is my latest release: The Hungry Moon. It’s a paranormal erotic ménage. This one will leave you howling for more. It’s hot threesome action with a couple muscled twins and a beautiful sexy virgin. (she’s not for long, wink*)

Here is a link to grab your copy while it’s hot! Amazon:  Or Smashwords:

Here’s a description

All her life, Luna dreamed of living on an island in the South Pacific. The pull beckons her like an itch she must scratch. But as her dreams come to fruition, tragedy occurs and the plane she travels in plummets into the South Pacific. In an instant her dreams dissolve in the salty waters.

Luna is rescued by Sam and Ben, twins who have a private island and a secret that topples her beliefs in all things paranormal. She learns they are Lycan and so is she, bound to the twins by blood.

Soon, Luna’s virginity is taken, and she’s mated to her hot, muscled Alpha twins. A new life of sexual fulfillment and erotic desires awaits her. But will the brothers learn to share, or does another threat loom in the shadows waiting for the chance to claim her sexy mates?

From the renowned author of The Darke Room Series and Mount Bliss, comes a paranormal ménage story with twists, turns, and hot steamy sex. Prepare to delight your senses.

HungryMoon cover2 (1).png



Hey Erotica readers!

Introducing, Mount Bliss. This is my newest work and it’s very HOT and SEXY!! You can find it at: or  Here’s a quick description.

After a bad break up, Presley Austin climbs the forbidden Mount Bliss to prove she’s over her heartbreak. When she stumbles upon a hidden valley deep within the mountainside, she’s faced with a terrible injury that leaves her unconscious.

If not for Shane, a mysterious mountain man, Presley could have died. As she heals from a broken ankle, their heated attraction flares into an impassioned sexual affair. As the lovers develop feelings for the other, Presley learns Shane’s past is the reason for his reclusive lifestyle.

Will Presley force Shane to face his fear, or will a mountain stand between them?

Mount Bliss book cover-page0001 (1)

Hi, erotica fans! For those who like to read a book straight through, I’ve combined The Darke Room Series into one complete book. Check it out at your favorite online retailer. Here’s a couple links:  or

The Darke Room Cover Series-page0001

Hey, Erotica readers! Check out the cover to the final installment of The Darke Room Series, Desire~Book 3

This one ends with a Big Bang! (wink wink)

Darke room Desire cover (2).png

Smashwords is having a site-wide sale. Go check out the great bargains. Included are both my Novelettes in The Darke Room Series, Trust and Sensation.

Here are the links to get your FREE BOOKS

The Darke Room, Trust book 1:

The Darke Room, Sensation book 2:

For Book 2, Use the code SFREE at checkout to get this book for free

darke room banner

I’ve finished the cover of the next installation of The Darke Room series, titled: The Darke Room, Sensation~Book 2. Without further ado, here it is!

UPDATE: The Darke Room, Sensation~Book 2 is now available at many on-line retailers, including: and

The Darke Room, Sensation cover-page0001

What do you think? Drop me a line here, or send an email. I would love to hear from you! Read further down for details on The Darke Room, Trust~Book 1. It’s FREE. Click the link below the description for your FREE COPY!

It gives me great pleasure to introduce my first novelette series,

The Darke Room, TRUST~Book 1 (The Darke Room Series)

Lilly was a nerdy bookworm in high school. She graduated early and at the top of her class. Her dedication to achieving something in life, other than slinging drinks, made college a breeze. She earned her B.A. in record time and the nickname, Chilly Lilly.

The Dark Room is the hottest Vampire nightclub in the city, and the only place Lilly could find work. Vampires don’t hold a soft spot in her heart, she hates them. Forced to give blood once a month does little to change her view of the blood suckers. She can’t afford the over-priced rent on her shoe-box apartment without a hefty paycheck. So, if it means working for a Vampire until she gets on her feet, she’ll endure.

When Alexander Darke visits his club, Lilly’s perspective on Vamps becomes skewed. He’s hot, muscled, and sex incarnate. Her inexperience, in all things sex, intrigues him and a proposition is offered. If Lilly takes the deal to let Darke be her sex teacher, she’ll shed the prudish nickname and garner a handle on her deepest desire in the world of sexuality. Will she accept his offer?

Hell, what does she have to lose…

The Darke Room, Trust. Now FREE! Grab your FREE COPY at these retailer and more:             , Barnes & Noble


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