Welcome Erotica Fans!

Just Released!

Lola’s Bet

Check out my steamy hot new erotica!  Here is a quick description to whet your appetite!

When Lola Andrews, a struggling artist, is invited to join a Texas Hold’em tournament by the wealthiest bachelor in Manhattan, Alan March, she accepts. Hoping she will walk away with the five thousand dollar purse. But as the stakes increase, She risks more than money.

Alan March wants her as his submissive, and he’ll do anything to have her. Offering her a bet she can’t refuse is only the beginning.

Win or lose, she’ll get the five thousand, her debts paid for an entire year, and a showing at the swankiest art gallery in Manhattan. But losing means, she must move in to his place for a month where pleasure and pain coexist. Where her body becomes an instrument of his domination, desire, and passion.

Will Lola call, or fold?

For mature readers 18 and older. Grab a copy at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/704260


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