Brieale Sound, is the author of erotic tales and episodes packed with fantasy, real life issues, and great storylines. Her books are meant for the adult connoisseur of erotic short stories and sexy reads. Her first novelette series: The Darke Room, an erotic vampire fantasy. It’s one hot read!

Brieale Sound (pronounced: Bre’elle) is a southern author who has an unnatural obsession with coffee, The Walking Dead, and video games. Most of the time, you can find her writing or reading a juicy romance. She is a hopeless romantic and loves animals, especially, her crazy, rambunctious dogs.

Brieale started writing erotica because she loves to read it! Nuff said!!

She adores her readers and fans and wants to stay connected, so drop her a line or a comment and she’ll get back to you.

briealesound@gmail.com or leave a comment on this site. You can find her on twitter @briealesound and facebook at: BriealeSound


My sweet little furbaby!

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